Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The wonderful art of my friend...

So as you may or may not know, I play World of Warcraft, or more accurately played it. I play on the server Twisting Nether, which is a roleplaying-player versus player realm, and as such I take part in both of those things. Over the years I've developed many characters, some I may share with you, but first I'm going to share a biproduct of creating such amazing characters and playing with such a great community.

On my server I met an artist who offered to draw my first warrior, Swerto. Here was the result.

Swerto turned out perfect, it was better than I could have hoped for. She customized the armor ever so slightly so it would seem unique, giving Swerto his own flair, making him special. I used this image as an avatar and a signature on many sites, cutting up in multiple ways, and tossed Tam a hefty tip for her gorgeous art which she did practically for free.

About eight months later I was on the other side of the faction line, and playing a new warrior, Alexialas. Interested in keeping the chain of amazing art going, I commissioned a drawing of my new badass femme fatalle. After a long wait and a lot of dialogue, this is what she gave me.

Alexialas turned out perfect, once again Taminda had done a great job adapting my in game character and spinning them out to be unique. This picture also served the dual purpose for helping recruit for my now defunct RP-PvP guild 'Lordaeron's Call'.

Taminda has earned my undying loyalty and fandom as an artist, and whenever she's open for comissions I toss one her way, because she's earned it after the way she's treated me.

If you wish to see more art from Taminda go to her DeviantArt. Her commission status is currently closed, but she will be selling art at an upcoming convention.


Shaft said...

I am pretty impressed I like the work. Not a fan of Role playing realms but I am hoping to see more of the art work.

Charles said...

pretty sick, following your friend on DA

mac-and-me said...

Alexialas looks awesome!

stebolius said...

Wow! Nice art!