Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My horrible Photoshop skills...

I did mention I would be posting random stuff, and in the hopes of keeping more content coming to the readers I will let you laugh hysterically at my horrible attempts at photoshopping things.

The Land of Death was a roleplay a friend of mine on Twisting Nether wrote on Twisting Nether Gazette. One of my first forays into photoshop I decided to give him a 'cover' for his story, and started experimenting with WoW model viewer and photoshop. This was the end result.

Looking back I'm not too happy with the image, but it was early work. It had inspiration which is more than I could say for the bastardized things I did shortly after. Next I started expirimenting with filters and masks, editing images of people I knew, I started with myself, editing pictures to put up on Myspace. This is my senior photograph, heavily edited and ruined by my horrid skills.

After that I returned back to WoW where I felt safe, and started creating avatars for members mixing in game models and real people to create 'real WoW characters'. It turned out well, and many people on Twisting Nether took part in it. I created many, but here's the best of the bunch.

Swerto, my Undead Warrior. For the image I used Dave Mustaine and about five different layers for his eyes, skin, and hair, which were separate from his armor.

Here is Caedur, an Undead rogue who no longer exists. I used an image of Antonio Bandeeras, and a similar amount of layers. 

Then finally we have Lucreciaa, who was made from a modified image of Tarja Tureneren.

Now you see what horrible skills I have when it comes to photoshop, and why it's nothing more than a hobby that I do when I'm bored.

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mac-and-me said...

they are indeed horrible :3

check my blog from time to time for tutorials