Thursday, April 14, 2011

Applying to the Sons of Korriban

We feel that the current forum-bound application process is a bit too limiting, and as such we are going to expand upon it. First of all I will make it clear who we are looking for to join the Sons of Korriban.

The Sons of Korriban is a roleplaying-PvP guild, and as such we are looking for players who both enjoy the storytelling aspects of roleplay, and the heavily competitive aspects of player-versus-player combat, and are always looking to improve themselves in both fields. We are not looking for people who don't want to put forward some effort to get the job done. We understand that not everyone can be the best writer or player, all that we ask is that you be your best and always look for ways to improve.

We are looking for mature players. We do not believe maturity is measured in years, but by your actions. A mature 16 year old is more valuable than an immature 20-something year old. We like to have fun as much as anyone else, but when the time comes to be serious we need everyone able to be.

We have a strict no-drama policy. As such we are not looking for people who cause it inadvertently or purposefully. Attention-seeking behavior, rampant disrespect, and not respecting the boundaries of others are all unacceptable. If somebody asks you to stop, stop, even if they are not an officer. Inter-guild drama is also unacceptable, this is especially true for our official opposition on the Republic. This is a game and we are all here to have fun. People who repeatedly cause trouble will be removed.

When it comes to roleplay we do not require that you post in forum threads, or write stories out in full. We will offer the opportunity to do this for those who want to, but we understand it is not everyone's thing. If you wish for your roleplay only to be dealt with in game, that is fine. People who exclusively forum RP or do in-game RP will naturally miss out on some guild and inter-guild events that people who do both will be able to take part in.

Story-wise the Sons of Korriban is both a Sith and Military organization that employs mercenaries in the hope of bringing these fighters into the sith ranks. SoK's goals are to increase the reach and influence of the Sith Empire and eradicate all enemies that stand in their way. Your character must be in tune with these goals, and be a useful asset to the group. Each class will have their own way of entering and moving through the ranks.

  • Sith Inquisitors and Warriors both will enter as either apprentices or full fledged Sith willing to do the bidding of their masters in SoK.
  • Imperial Agents are considered to be part of the Imperial Military upon joining, and are among the most useful assets in SoK's arsenal.
  • Bounty Hunters will be considered mercenaries upon joining, singing a contract with the organization. They will have the opportunity to become loyal sith subjects and even become part of the Sith Military if they wish

The application process starts when you apply to the guild using the headstart's own application process, answer those questions as thoroughly as possible. If you have interacted with us in previous games let us know! After you have applied using the head-start system, fill out an application using the template at the top of the Application thread located here.

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